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Vintage Clown EMF / Static detector Doll

Vintage Clown EMF / Static detector Doll

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Beautiful vintage porcelain and soft body doll with a built in Emf/ static detector! Requires one 9V battery not included. Battery packs are affixed to the back of the doll which helps them sit up on their own. Automatically turns on when battery is plugged in. Glows blue when it detects spikes of energy! They are very sensitive to energy and can pick up the static from your feet as you walk by making them a perfect tool for an investigation! When using them it’s best to be 6ft away or not moving when near them so you don’t get a false positive. They are made incredibly sensitive to make communication with the other side easier 👻🖤

*dolls are not waterproof so please keep them away from water. It’s recommended to keep them in their own box for safe keeping between uses. 

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