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Limited Edition Yule Smudge Sticks 7”-8”

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Limited Edition Yule Smudge sticks! These include Pine, Cedar, Rose, cinnamon and Lavender 🌿  

they vary from 7”-8” in length. Hand wrapped and fresh. ✨🌙 


Pine - Pine is extremely powerful and has been used in smudging rituals because of its rejuvenating properties. Associated with the wandering star, Mars, and the element of air, pine is often burned to keep sickness away and attract wealth.

Cedar - It is often used to cleanse a home when first moving in, inviting unwanted spirits to leave and protecting a person, place or object from unwanted influences. Cedar is often used in the sweat lodge ceremony. ... The smoke of burning cedar is said to attract the good spirits and eliminate negative energies.

Rose - Rose petals are usually burned in love, luck, grief, and healing rituals. Also to engender self-love, and to heal a broken heart

Lavender - Lavender is known to help encourage a restful night's sleep as well as peace of mind, relaxation and happiness. Lavender is unique cleansing tool, actually, when you burn lavender petals along with the stems, the lavender scent is simply increased as it burns, It's a lovely scented combination with Blue Or Desert sage.  

Cinnamon - Cinnamon is known for increasing energy and motivation and it even aids in healing, Burning cinnamon is best used if you have a cold or flu, The essential oils in cinnamon help relax, soothe you and can even make you feel a little better.

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