12” Decorative Pentacle - Moon Goddess Market
Moon Goddess Market

12” Decorative Pentacle

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🖤Handmade with local supplies!🖤 Please allow up to 4 days before shipment due to the handmade nature of the item. 

Measures 12” 

Made with premium Birch 🌳 

Birch’s magical properties :

Birch is associated with purification, protection and represents renewal, rebirth and beginnings as it is the first tree after Winter to come into leaf.

Birch will also protect against lightening. The branches were marked with ogham and carried for protection in small pouches as well as given to newlyweds for fertility. In Wales, the Birch is a tree of love, and wreaths are made out of the branches and twigs as tokens of love. When beginning a new project or journey, call upon the powers of the Birch as it is also a tree of new beginnings and new view points. Birch rods are used in protection spells and carried to protect from malicious magics (crossing/hexing) or even mundane situations/people.


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