Cicada Wooden Earrings - Moon Goddess Market
Cicada Wooden Earrings - Moon Goddess Market
Moon Goddess Market

Cicada Wooden Earrings

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If you were like most kids, summer childhood memories will include cicada shells. From early to midsummer these can be found on the sides of trees or barns, or on the ground. Cicada shells are symbols of transformation. In one form, cicadas emerge from underground, shed their skins, dry their wings, then fly away. Their brief lives encompass the underworld, middle Earth, and the heavens. To tap into this transformative energy, collect a few shells for use on your altar. If the cicada shell's appearance puts your adult self off, place them inside a small decorative box.

Cicada Wooden Earrings, locally made in Phoenix Arizona! These hang on Surgical Steel so people's with allergies to metal rejoice! 


Shipped in a little box that is perfect for gifting!



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