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How To: Bless an Object

How To: Bless an Object

Here are multiple methods of blessings objects, feel free to add your own, and I’ll credit you! 

#1: Simply Meditate: 

The method I favour is to infuse the object with my personal energy whilst meditating. You infuse it with love, with the intentions you have if it and so on. I hold the object in my hands of between my legs as I meditate and focus it there. 

#2: Smoke: 

Simply pass the objects through the smoke of an incense for a few minutes. Look into each properties of incenses to better use them. Practical for paper or...

To Our Ancestors

To Our Ancestors

May we heal the wounds you caused.

May we repair the damage you dealt.

May we learn from your mistakes.

May we accomplish the things you never could.

May we be what you could never be..

May we learn to see you clearly.

May we learn to assess you honestly 

May we acknowledge the harm you did.

May we leave behind a better legacy.

Traditional bedtime spell

Traditional bedtime spell

Traditional bedtime spell

O golden light, O silver light,

Please, weave your web around me

And protect me through the night.

My day is done, my night begun,

With dreams before me found.

I shall sleep in peace and light,

My protective circle bound.


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